Bringing History to Mind

Our eight recorded seminars have clearly got people thinking about how ideas from the contemporary distributed cognition framework relate to various historical precursors, analogues and expressions of those ideas. Here are just three of the connections that have been made in the online discussions. Firstly, it has been proposed that ancient experiences of theatre and oratory may be illuminated using the concept of the socially extended individual mind.

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The History of Distributed Cognition Project marks an intervention in both modern and historical notions of cognition. Recent research in philosophy of mind and cognitive science calls for a reappraisal of historical concepts of cognition due to the increasing evidence that cognition is distributed across brain, body and world.



Dr Lisa Ann Robertson

Dr Lisa Ann Robertson Photo
University of Alberta

Lisa Ann Robertson is an instructor at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where she teaches courses in Romanticism and women writers, introductory literature, and writing. Her research focuses on the intersection of science and literary cultures in Romantic-era Britain with an emphasis on the science of the mind.

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