Mind in Movement at the National Museum of Scotland

In a 2011 lecture titled ‘The real reason for brains,’ neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert states that:

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The History of Distributed Cognition Project marks an intervention in both modern and historical notions of cognition. Recent research in philosophy of mind and cognitive science calls for a reappraisal of historical concepts of cognition due to the increasing evidence that cognition is distributed across brain, body and world.


Emotions in the Body and World

Prof Giovanna Colombetti
University of Exeter


Prof Peter Meineck

Prof Peter Meineck Photo
Professor of Classics
New York University

Peter Meineck PhD is an Associate Professor of Classics at New York University . He has had parallel careers in the professional theatre as a producer and director and academia. He founded Aquila Theatre in 1991 which is now regarded as one of the leading classical theatre troupes in the United States.

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